I'm born, I'm alive, I breathe. In a moment or two I realize,
That this sphere upon which I reside, Is asleep upon its feet.
Should I go back to sleep?



Ending scene to the finest hour of television I’ve ever seen (not that I’ve seen that many hours of great television… but it’s still the greatest). Honestly, I think this may officially beat out LOST for my favorite tv show. But I’ve heard the last two seasons of The West Wing kinda suck as well…

Anyway, Two Cathedrals, the Season 2 finale is fantastic. It’s also the last episode of the series pre-9/11. 

and dire straits montage. yus.


Top 5 Sam Seaborn Quotes (In chronological order) | Asked by: harriethayes

SAM: You know anything about choas theory?
MALLORY: I know it has to do with fractal geometry.
SAM: That’s about all I know too. But it has to do with there being order and even… great beauty, in what looks like total choas. And if we look closely enough at the randomness around us, patterns will start to emerge. I love Josh like a brother and he’s a world-class political mind but until today, I didn’t know he was smarter than I was. I’ve worked here three years and eight months and until you sit in the room all day, you can’t comprehend the chaos of the Oval Office. I had one good moment talking about the global ripple effect of budget defict, but that was it. The rest of the day was just keeping up. And this was a pretty light day.
MALLORY: One good moment is good.
SAM: Oh, I’m not complaining. I’m saying one good moment is great. It’s a golf shot. I’ve got to get back in there. That’s where it’s happening.