I'm born, I'm alive, I breathe. In a moment or two I realize,
That this sphere upon which I reside, Is asleep upon its feet.
Should I go back to sleep?


Galileo (2.9)

Bartlet: "Good morning! I’m speaking to you live from the West Wing of the White House. Today we have a very unique opportunity to take part live in an extremely historic event which -" Whoa, boy.

Sam: How you doing, Mr. President?

Bartlet: Who wrote this intro?

Scott Tate: I did, sir. I’m Scott Tate from NASA Public Affairs.

Bartlet: Scott, unique means “one of a kind.” Something can’t be very unique, nor can it be extremely historic.

CJ: While we’re at it, do we have to use the word “live” twice in the first two sentences like we just cracked the technology?

Tate: Look -

CJ: We’re also broadcasting in living color, right?

Bartlet: Sam?

Sam: Yeah.

Bartlet: He’s gonna make some changes.

Tate: You’re going to clear them with me?

Sam: I doubt it. Write this: “Good morning. Eleven months ago a 1200 pound spacecraft blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Eighteen hours ago…” Is it eighteen hours ago? We’re on the air at noon eastern.

CJ: Yeah.

Sam: “Eighteen hours ago it landed on the planet Mars. You, me, and 60,000 of your fellow students across the country along with astroscientists and engineers from the Jet Propulsion Lab in Southern California, NASA in Houston, and right here at the White House, are going to be the first to see what it sees, and to chronicle the extraordinary voyage of an unmanned ship called Galileo V.”

Bartlet: He said it right.