I'm born, I'm alive, I breathe. In a moment or two I realize,
That this sphere upon which I reside, Is asleep upon its feet.
Should I go back to sleep?


Toby: You accidentally slept with a prostitute?

Sam: Call girl.

Toby: Accidentally? [pause] I don't understand, did you trip over something?

Hartsfield's Landing (3.14)

Toby: You’re a good father, you don’t have to act like it. You’re the President, you don’t have to act like it. You’re a good man, you don’t have to act like it. You’re not just folks, you’re not plain-spoken... Do not – do not – do not act like it!

President Bartlet: I don’t want to be killed.

Toby: Then make this election about smart, and not... Make it about engaged, and not. Qualified, and not. Make it about a heavyweight. You’re a heavyweight. And you’ve been holding me up for too many rounds.


Top 5 Sam Seaborn Quotes (In chronological order) | Asked by: harriethayes

SAM: You’re not calm, Leo. You’re acting like a nervous hooleelia.
TOBY: A what?
SAM: It may not be a word. It may just be something my mother used to say.

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