I'm born, I'm alive, I breathe. In a moment or two I realize,
That this sphere upon which I reside, Is asleep upon its feet.
Should I go back to sleep?


My choices/thoughts on the fights.


  • Spider-Man V. Nightcrawler

Ok I’d give this one to Spidey. Nightcrawler normally has the element of surprise, but I don’t see that working with Petes Spider Senses.

  • Superman V. Wolverine

I can’t choose. Superman is the “Man of Steel” but Wolverine is the “Man of Adamantium” and last time I checked that was harder than steel. Clark also has laser eyes, but so does Scott and those hardly do anything to Wolverine. There’s Clarks Ice Breath but ehh. I can’t choose.

  • Ironman V. Batman

Probably Batman. Both rich smart people with no powers. So take the suits and gear away and throw them in a cage bare fists and Bruce would take that hands down.

  • Cable V. Cyborg


  • Rogue V. Supergirl

Both really strong, but once Rogue gets her hands on Supergirl it is OVER! So Rogue takes the W for me.

  • Black Cat V. Wonder Woman

I can’t decide. I mean technically Black Cat is as strong as Captain America and Wonder Woman is probably just as strong so this one I remain neutral.

  • Dare Devil V. Venom

I know Venom isn’t really a hero, but I thought this would be interesting because it’s a match basically based on sound. Matt needs sound to see and Brock would lose the suit with sound so pretty interesting. I’d give it to Venom if he can fight Murdock without making a sound which is kind of hard with his big crazy self.

  • Green Arrow V. Hawkeye

Can’t choose in this one. I would give Green Arrow the win if it was a costume contest.

  • Flash V. Cyclops

More of a fan of Cyclops but I think Flash would take this if he plays it smart.

  • Colossus V. Thor

I would give Thor the edge because of Mjolnir. Without his hammer It’d be a pretty even fist fight.

What did you guys think of the fights? Want more? Let me know in the askbox and shoot some fights too! If they’re good I’ll throw em in the next batch.