I'm born, I'm alive, I breathe. In a moment or two I realize,
That this sphere upon which I reside, Is asleep upon its feet.
Should I go back to sleep?



30 Days of The West Wing. Day 17: Your Favorite Ship


Okay, so here’s the deal:  I love me some Josh/Donna.  And some Jed/Abbey.  And always CJ/Danny.  But Sam/Ainsley will always be my favorite.  First of all, I love me some bipartisan love, and I think Sam and Ainsley balance each other out nicely.  I think if Rob Lowe had stayed on the show longer, Ainsley would have also stayed around, and the ship would have become cannon.  In my mind, it is cannon, because in my mind, Ainsley was always intended to be a romantic interest for Sam…they just never quite got there.  That’s also part of the appeal of Sam/Ainsley.  And because at the end of the series, we know they both live(d) in California, I’m convinced that they were there together.  Because in my mind, they were always a couple.  And that’s that. 

i also deeply enjoy leo in the last 5 second of this.